Client Agreement




“Client” hereby refers to any willingly paying individual using UCF Grad Photos as a graduation photo service with the intent to have their photos taken by Joey Roulette, the sole manager who is hereby referred to as “Photographer.” Client acknowledges the terms in this Agreement upon booking a photoshoot with Photographer. 


Ownership and use of photos 


Any photos Clients receive from Photographer may be used at the Clients’ limited discretion, which includes, but is not limited to, self-initiated printing, publishing on personal social media networks and personal or professional, non-commercial websites. All content, including photos, edited or otherwise, created by Photographer may not be used by Client for editorial or commercial use under any circumstances, including self-publishing platforms such as but not limited to or Odyssey, and may not be resold to any entity or individual without the approval from Photographer. Photographer reserves the right to use any and all content at its full discretion, for purposes including but not limited to UCF Grad Photo marketing materials. 




Check, cash or electronic methods such as Venmo and CashApp are acceptable forms of payment for any fees due to Photographer. Full payment is due in person no later than the date of the scheduled photoshoot.  


Client must pay a 25% non-refundable down payment (“down payment”) from the total price of whichever package is selected for Client’s respective photoshoot at the time of booking prior to the photoshoot. For example, if the selected package costs $100, Client must pay $25 before the photoshoot. The rest of the fee, $75, would be due on the date of the photoshoot. 




Refunds not including the 25% down payment will be granted to Client if the photoshoot is cancelled prior to the scheduled photoshoot on behalf of either the Photographer or Client. However, Photographer may or may not grant refunds at its full discretion no matter the circumstance. General dissatisfaction with a product created by Photographer is especially not acceptable grounds for a refund.




If a provision of this Agreement is held invalid under any applicable law, such invalidity will not affect any other provision of this Agreement that can be given effect without the invalid provision.